The Science Behind Anadrol UK

Anadrol is a Dihydrotestosterone-based anabolic steroid, but, unlike other many DHT-derivatives such as Anavar, Masteron and Winstrol, Anadrol is not suitable for cutting.  The slight change in the formula of Anadrol where two hydroxymethylene groups are added alters the chemical effect of the drug from that of its related steroids in a big way. Androl is a poor binder with receptor, but this doesn’t deny it the potency it has. Users of anadrol can expect mass gains of up to 20 lbs in just 4 weeks and greater strength gains as well.despite the great muscle gains, there will be less lean muscle mass because of water retention.

Anadrol is viewed by many users as a suppressive steroid with the potential to show estrogenic side effects  even though it doesn’t convert to estrogen. It is believed that the drug binds with estrogen receptor on its own, a characteristic that is not common with its close cousins. Just like other androgenic steroids, the substance can cause increased LDL levels, acne, increased hypertension and hair loss.

Cycle Length and Dosage of Anadrol

The dose and the length of the cycle for Adrol UK should be based in the type of cycle. For an oral only cycle, users are not advised to adopt a dose of 50-150mg per day for 4-6 weeks since it is considered a lot. When taken to jumpstart a longer cycle of injectible, the above dose taken for four weeks will also be considered too much. It works well when used together with testosterone since it is known to lower the SHBG, making a lot more testosterone to be bio-available in the blood. It also works synergistically with other steroids that do not bind well with androgen receptors. Some users may combine Anadrol with Dbol, which ccording to many people, can provide crazy results.

However, you need to make certain that you maintain lower doses to not only expect great results but also leverage on their ability to counter the side effects of each other. Anadrol is one such crazy steroid! It will help you put on mass fast, improve your strength and possibly subject you to some side effects as well. Keeping your doses and cycles sensible and monitoring your blood levels can make Anadrol a great bulking anabolic steroid, buy Anadrol from reputed sellers online and get pharmaceutical grade products that have been approved for human use. Avoid the unknown Anadrol for sale on the internet since you do not know the side effects of such products.